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MOCCA makes everyday (care) life easier

Weakness suffers. Despite her symptoms, Maria insists on continuing to live in her Vienna apartment. As a 24/7 worker, Anna is responsible for a wealth of different tasks and supports her protégé around the clock: she helps with household chores and personal hygiene, cooks, accompanies her to doctor’s appointments and administers essential medication. However, all this activity must be recorded in detail. Until recently, Anna painstakingly recorded her proofs by hand. However, the order-loving nurse was soon bothered by the increasing amount of paperwork.

A friend and nursing colleague from a Viennese nursing home subsequently drew Anna’s attention to the MOCCA ONE platform, which her institution also works with. MOCCA ONE was developed by the Austrian market leader in mobile / ambulatory care software (ilogs healthcare) and can be adapted to a wide range of requirements and situations thanks to its modular structure. Accordingly, the software can be integrated not only on standalone devices, but also smartphones and tablets. Since Anna started using the new program on Maria’s JAMES tablet, her work routine has become much easier. Whether it’s activity records, appointments, checklists or the administration of medication – with MOCCA Mobil, nothing stands in the way of a smart and flexible everyday care routine. Anna is overjoyed to be able to perform her tasks with the help of innovative software and, as a result, take better care of Maria.

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