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Telemedicine as a model for the future

Elfriede is 75 and lives alone in her large country house. Although she is still very fit and agile, she has recently been suffering from low blood pressure and fatigue. To date, she kept accurate records of her pulse and blood pressure readings and submitted her notes to her doctor. However, she finds the written records of increasingly frequent doctor’s visits increasingly tedious. Especially since she also lives in the country and the journey to her doctor’s office is relatively long.

A friend and former caregiver recommended the JAMES Tablet and Vital Sensors to her. The JAMES Tablet is a senior-friendly tablet for video calling and recording important health values. In combination with the Vital Sensors – a Bluetooth body scale and blood pressure device – the JAMES Tablet functions like a digital health coach. The values determined with the Vital Sensors are sent directly to the station, where they can be retrieved at any time. In addition, online medical checks are possible through the video telephony function. Thanks to JAMES, the arduous journey that Elfriede had to take for routine checks is no longer necessary. In addition, the tablet reminds patients to take important medications and is connected to the JAMES Care Center, where nurse Michaela works.

Michaela takes care of the vital signs of up to 50 seniors at the Care Center and contacts the individual and their family when unusual readings occur. So if Elfriede’s blood pressure drops sharply, she and her relatives will be notified immediately and consulted about what to do next.

Telemedicine as a model for the future

Elfriede’s cousin Peter also takes advantage of the JAMEShealth functions. Peter wears the JAMES emergency watch B6, which specializes in measuring pulse and blood pressure in addition to mobile home emergency calls. The nature-loving senior walks a lot and therefore measures his values several times a day. The data obtained is then sent directly to the JAMES APP, where his son Gerhard can check his father’s health.

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