Telehealth as support against social isolation

Austrian company delivers TeleCare solutions to support elderly family members in isolation

Klagenfurt (OTS)One third of all people over 65 in Austria live alone at home and are therefore not only on their own in everyday life, but also in emergency situations. Especially in times of crisis, such as the current coronavirus pandemic, the relatives of elderly persons are in a constant state of worry and alarm, especially since they are not allowed to visit their loved ones. This is exactly where the Austrian IT company ilogscomes in:

With the help of mobile devices and innovative software such as the JAMES TeleCare solution, ilogs enables both private individuals and care facilities to conduct visits online as well as professional care services via video – such as medication administration.

ilogs healthcare – the Austrian e-health specialist

Science and technology make it possible.

The IT company ilogshealthcare, located in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, has been developing mobile telehealth software solutions since 2005. In order to be able to guarantee the constant innovation of its product range, the e-health expert cooperates with international partners and renowned research institutions. Since 2012, ilogshas been conducting intensive research in the Active Assisted Living (AAL) environment. The result: The JAMES TeleCare solution for online care of care recipients. In addition, ilogsis the company behind MOCCA ONE, the market-leading e-health software for professional care providers.

JAMES Station – video telephony also for elderly people

Equipped with the smart software from ilogs, the JAMES tablet offers an answer to social isolation among senior citizens living alone. The device is proving to be an innovative solution strategy, especially in out-of-tour situations – such as the current Corona crisis – in which family visits or professional on-site care are not possible.

Especially in the current situation of obligatory distance, social isolation and loneliness of older people becomes a big problem. We know that social contact and care can be very well supported with systems like the JAMES TeleCare solution.

Dr. Walter Liebhart, Geschäftsführer von ilogs healthcare

The JAMES tablet leaves no chance for social isolation and offers especially for elderly people a simple possibility of video telephony with relatives. In addition, other age-appropriate functions such as calling for help, medication reminders, simple Internet access or entertainment (games, news, weather, etc.) can be activated as required. The JAMES tablet can also be used by professional organizations such as mobile home health care or nursing homes.

JAMES Station – video telephony also for elderly people

The smart JAMES emergency call watch was developed specifically for the needs of older people: Many senior citizens go about their daily lives unaccompanied. This circumstance often leads to uncertainty when leaving the house and limits the quality of life. The JAMES emergency watch enables autonomy and safety at the touch of a button: the specialized smartwatch assists with everyday tasks, enables voice messaging with family and friends, and summons help when needed. As part of the JAMES TeleCare solution, it already supports thousands of elderly people worldwide to date.


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