Medea saves lives with the highest quality

Together with MEDEA, emergency doctor Christine saves lives

Christine (37) is an emergency physician and saves lives on a daily basis. Accordingly, she knows that time and efficient mission management play an important role in emergency situations. Despite her expertise, some rescue missions are hampered by time-delaying factors such as unstructured information transfers – for example, to the respective target hospital. As a passionate physician, Christine wants her patients to receive all-round care at the highest level of quality. This applies not only to the treatment of wounds, symptoms, etc., but also to the organizational workflow (patient preparation and treatment in the hospital, protocol requirements, etc.) behind the scenes of the emergency. Since they introduced the new documentation system. MEDEAhas implemented, work and management have improved significantly.

MEDEA promises the highest quality of work

MEDEAis a mobile documentation software and was developed especially for emergency physicians and paramedics. The system supports and accelerates both the rescue operation and the subsequent care in the hospital: By means of the software, the bidirectional information flow of digitally secured data between the emergency physician and the target hospital is optimized, thus initiating a continuous information chain that extends from alerting the Red Cross to billing the health insurance company.

From now on, Christine is able to quickly and accurately log all medically relevant data on her laptop/tablet directly at the scene of the event. In addition to the patient’s personal data, it also records symptoms, medication and all initial measures taken. MEDEAopened up new quality management opportunities for Christine and her paramedics. She likes the system so much that she immediately recommended it to her friends and colleagues in Germany, especially since the innovative software can be easily adapted to the respective country protocol.

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